LDS 11-Year-Old with Rare Condition Writes Selflessly Sweet Letter to Santa You Need to Read

by | Dec. 09, 2016

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Eleven-year-old Bella Wilson suffers from gastroparesis, a rare condition that leaves her in constant pain and requires her to spend two hours every night painfully flushing out her large intestines, according to Good 4 Utah.

"My stomach is always hurting no matter what, it's like jabbing stomach pains," Bella told Good 4 Utah.

But to read the letter Bella wrote to Santa last year, you'd never think she suffered so much.

Bella's sister, Darbi (18), suffers from epilepsy. After starting treatment, she discovered she was allergic to the medication and has been trying alternative treatments to help with her condition. Bella's other sister, Natalia (20), had a traumatic brain injury four years ago.

Because of this, Bella wrote to Santa last year, asking him to work his magic to help her sisters:

Dear Santa,
How are you? How are the reindeer? Do you ever just get to play in the snow? Well I love snow it is my favorite. You probale talk to my stuff animals when I leve then out on Chrsimtas well don't you? Do you ever have an elf our Mrs. Clause come withe you on the ride?
Well, what I want for Christmas is Hmmm. Well you work magic right? Well of corce you do. Well then I want my sisters to get better. Not me but them. Let them live in no pain. But if you can then will you fix me too but if you only can fix 2 of the people then my sisters. Please work you magic for one Christmas for me. I love my sisters and that is all I want for Christmas from you.
your friend,
Bella Wilson

Bella received a response from Santa, telling her he was "cheering and praying" for her. "I have sent back your sweet letter. I think you should always keep this to remind you of the kind tender spirit you have," Santa said, according to Good 4 Utah.

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