LDS Actor Kirby Heyborne's Other Job as an Award-Winning Audiobook Narrator

by | Jun. 17, 2015

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Kirby Heyborne, an actor best known among LDS audiences for starring in The R.M., Saints and Soldiers, and The Best Two Years, has also been achieving prominence in another performance field—audiobook narration.

Heyborne, who has narrated over 300 titles (including Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, Stephen King’s The Long Walk, and many works by fellow Latter-day Saint Orson Scott Card), was recently honored with Booklist’s 2015 Voice of Choice award. “This is a huge honor,” said Heyborne. “I love my job and am amazed that I get to keep doing it.”

Though Heyborne’s acting career has been most widely recognized in LDS cinema, he is currently one of the world’s foremost audiobook narrators. Prior to winning the Voice of Choice, Heyborne was honored with the 2012 and 2014 Odyssey Award, annually bestowed upon the year’s top YA novel narration. 

Narrating an audiobook might sound as simple as sitting down to read it, but there’s a lot more involved. “Once I receive the manuscript, I spend a few days reading and taking notes on characters and tone,” Heyborne told USA Today. “Then I go into the studio and dive into the author’s world. The days are long and physically and emotionally exhausting.”

That being said, Heyborne is ecstatic discussing his line of work. “You know how when you’re reading a great book, you want to throw everything aside and just spend eight hours reading it?” he asked AudioFile Magazine. “I get paid to do that!”

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