LDS Artists Dedicate Stunning Song to Latin Americans as a Prayer for Their "Peace, Safety, Happiness, and Justice"

by | Jul. 10, 2017

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LDS artists Kenya Clark and Alex Melecio recently performed a stunning cover of "The Prayer" together in English and Spanish and dedicated their performance to the people of Latin America who "suffer constantly due to corruption, discrimination, tyranny, and poverty," according to the video's description on YouTube.

"We join our voices in prayer for your peace, safety, happiness, and justice," the dedication went on to say.

"God’s love knows no borders and makes no distinction between people. He has brought some of you out of your homelands and into this country where it’s possible to blossom and raise generations in freedom and peace.

"May God bless you and grant you the compassion, charity, and freedom necessary to fulfill the American dream. 

Love, Kenya & Alex"

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