LDS Family of 18 Loses House After It Caught Fire While They Were at Church

by | Nov. 17, 2016

Mormon Life

After leaving for Church this past Sunday, an LDS family returned to find everything inside their house destroyed by a fire. The parents, who adopted all 16 of their children, are hoping to find a new home soon and spare their children from any unnecessary trauma.

There is very little left of the Stutz family home that once housed more than a dozen children. The house caught fire Sunday when the family was away at church.

As sister-in-law Ronnett Stutz explained, the house in Millard County is a total loss. "They don't have anything," she said. "No curling irons, no clothing, nothing. Whatever was in the home is gone."

Mike and Misty Stutz adopted all 16 of their children out of foster care over the years, including most recently, a group of seven siblings. Their oldest two children are now adults and live on their own.

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