LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Apr. 19-25)

Examining Equality, Women, and the Priesthood


Recent LDS events in the news have focused on a small group of women who are challenging longstanding traditions and even LDS doctrine. In light of this situation, many members are unsure how to respond when others ask about this hot-button topic.

To help you in your explanations to others, here are some important points to remember as you discuss women and the priesthood:

Doctrine is different from Church policy and LDS culture. Doctrine cannot be changed. 

The Church has been making strides to change policy and culture where it can to promote gender equality--not gender sameness. 

All members have access to priesthood power and blessings, even if we don't all hold priesthood keys or have priesthood authority. 

The root of the issue is about gender equality more than female ordination. 

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President & Sister Uchtdorf: Rare Photo & Facts


To celebrate Sister Uchtdorf's new book, The Light We Share, we thought it would be fun to round up a few facts about the Uchtdorfs, including this one:

While trying to win over Harriet’s heart, Dieter F. Uchtdorf would frequently ride his bike to her house, hoping to give her a ride to a church function. She was usually unavailable, but Harriet’s mother would take the ride instead. “Actually, looking back,” he says, “I recognize that it doesn’t hurt at all to be on good terms with the mother of the girl of your dreams.”

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Mormons & Swearing: Darn, Flip, or Nothing at All?


In the case of "Mormon swears," or the common "cleaner" substitutes for traditional curse words, members are left in a gray area to decide for themselves how they're going to speak. We presented two opinions--that substitutions are okay, and that they aren't--and then asked you: do you use swearing substitutions? Currently, the results show that 70% of respondents at least occasionally do, with only 6% never using them. 

Along with that, we also asked if you ever use actual curse words. Results show that 54% of respondents do, even if it's rarely, with the remaining 46% stating that they never do.

What do you think about this issue?

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Phoenix Temple Construction Photo Gallery Updates

With 28 temples announced or under construction, it's fun to keep up with the progress on these holy houses of the Lord! Check out this photo from our new gallery of construction updates at the Phoenix temple:


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6 Childlike Traits that You've Probably Lost (And How to Get Them Back)


Prophets in the scriptures tell us to be more child-like all the time. Somewhere along the way we must have lost those traits. Straight from Brad Wilcox's new book, The 7-day Christian, find out how to get back these six childlike traits you've probably lost:

A Desire to Do Right

A Sense of Worth

An Ability to be Happy

A Capacity to Love

A Sense of Wisdom

Trusting Faith

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