New Film Gets Rave Reviews at LDS Film Festival

LDS faith based film, Finding Hope, premiered at the LDS film festival to rave reviews. The romantic drama was seen by a full house, and the audience was not disappointed. 

"Finding Hope was like no other LDS film I've seen. This film takes you on a very dramatic and intense roller coaster; it's a ride you don't want to miss. Shannon and Suzette Brown lead the stellar cast. Their performances leave you no choice but to feel as if you're taking this journey with them." - Michael R. 

"Being LDS, I was so impressed with how this movie portrayed our beliefs while still delivering a story that any one could appreciate, regardless of their faith." - Bonnie S. 

"It was so beautifully done, the performances were amazing. The story delivers a strong message that simply can't be ignored. I already want to watch it again." - Julie J. 

"It was so great! I loved that it kept me guessing. I didn't know how the story would unfold, but I loved the ending. It dealt with real issues and was so touching. I even teared up a few times. The performances were fantastic. I really felt like I was taking the journey with 'Andrew' and 'Hope.'" - Kelli L.

Finding Hope was written and directed by Julian Grant, starring Shannon and Suzette Brown, Robyn Coffin and Sean Patrick Leonard. The film was produced by Two 9 Productions in association with Canal Productions. Once Finding Hope completes it's festival rounds, it is slated to be released in theaters. You can keep up with Finding Hope's journey at
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