Nik Day Shares the Sweetest Inspiration for His Song "Miracle": "I Wanted to Write a Song About Girls and Talk About How Special They Are"

After his performance of "Miracle" on the Mormon Channel, Nik Day shared the sweetest inspiration behind the song. 

"I wanted to write a song about girls and talk about how special they are and especially how much God loves them," he says. "And so I thought the best way to say that was to say that they are miracles." 

Day also performed "Come, Come Ye Saints" and related how when the song was written, the Saints were going through many trials and how even though the song was written a while ago, Church members today can relate to the struggle that comes with difficult challenges.  

Watch the video below to see Nik Day's performance of "Miracle" and "Come, Come Ye Saints."

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The debut EP, Miracle, shares a message for those looking for hope and light in a world that sometimes feels bleak. Nik hopes that "people will feel a deeper connection with God when they listen to these new songs."

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