Part 2: 18 is NOT the New 19 – The Elephant in the Room

As the feedback to the post started rolling in, I was surprised to see how many different perspectives were being brought into the discussion. Some excellent and uplifting, others a bit “blind-man-ish.” What do I mean?

The first reader read the post and said “This feels a weak analogy.” (Asking a young man why he hasn’t submitted his mission papers in is the religious equivalent of asking a woman how much she weighs.)

I was surprised at how many people felt the need to explain in the comments, and on Facebook, why their version of the analogy would have been better than mine. The new-and-improved suggestion was usually based on personal experience, but rarely added to the discussion about the actual post. I get it – blog posts are not subject to private interpretation.

The second reader read the post and said “This feels like we shouldn’t even discuss missions with kids.”

Nothing could be further from my intentions. There are people who are duty-bound to understand what is going on inside the heads and hearts of our prospective missionaries. Beginning with the parents, the bishop, youth leaders, home teachers, etc. You could even add some sunday school and seminary teachers to the mix.

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