President Eyring Answers: What Mormonism Adds to World Marriage Colloquium

by | Nov. 19, 2014

News from Utah

Paul Edwards: President Hinckley used to say, about working with other faiths, he would say, “Bring all the good that you have and come and let us see if we can add to it.” I’m interested to know what was some of the good that came from the other faiths that you met with this week? Were there things that stood out?

President Eyring: I would take your statement and turn it another way. President Hinckley said, "Let’s see what we can add.” What we added was eternal life. And there was no one else — no one — even the most religious, that … have the picture we have that you can live forever in a family.

Paul Edwards: Let’s say just a bit more about that because as you were talking today, President Eyring, you came after a pastor who talked about no marriage in heaven. What did you add to his teachings?

President Eyring: Well what we said was there is marriage in heaven and it’s possible and it’s the happiest thing that can happen. It is the greatest of all the gifts of God.

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