SPONSORED: Head of the Class launches infant and toddler learning site

by | Nov. 16, 2011

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Prescott, Arizona: Head of the Class, LLC., announced today its release of its Head of the Class Infant & Toddler Web site, available to users from within Facebook with the click of a mouse! Immediately becoming Facebook’s premier education application (app), Head of the Class Infant & Toddler provides several hundred skills parents, as well as soon-to-be parents, must know. For newborns, one-year old, two-year old, and three-year old children, the site provides must-know content.

Head of the Class Infant & Toddler is free! The learning content is free. The app lets you share with friends and family a virtual baby book and family photos album—all for free! Just visit http://apps.facebook.com/HeadoftheClass and start!

Specifically, the Head of the Class Infant & Toddler Facebook “app” provides:

•    A secure Facebook-like wall to record your infant and toddler’s experiences, including text, photo, and video content you can share with your friends and family. Parents can document their child’s life, for free, on the Web, and share it! The content, controlled by the parent, will live on the Web into the future!

•    A Facebook–based album of family photos. From siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, to parents, pets, and grandparents, the site lets you share family moments!

•    The ultimate baby book. The site lets you track (unlimited content) your child’s experiences, activities, friends, family, and more! The Head of the Class Infant & Toddler site also lets users drag drop text, photos, and videos. Using your mouse, you can size and crop content in a Web page! The site’s software is years beyond cutting edge!

Head of the Class provides online supplemental instruction for infants and toddlers and preschoolers through fifth graders on the Web, for free! With over 10,000 learning activities (worksheets, multimedia, and computer applications), Head of the Class is one of the leading education sites on the Web. For more information on Head of the Class visit http://www.theHeadoftheClass.com.

Kris Jamsa, Ph.D., MBA

President, Head of the Class


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