SPONSORED: Pornography Addiction In and Out of Utah


Pandemic: An outbreak prevalent over a whole country or the world. This definition surely describes the pornography problem in the world today, one would be hard pressed to find a family who has not been affected either directly or indirectly by this pandemic and it's damage. 

Utah is on the forefront of helping those struggling with addiction tied to this pandemic. There are many qualified therapists available to help individuals, couples, and families as they choose recovery and begin the work needed to heal. There are also more and more 12-step meetings available both through the LDS Addiction Recovery Program and through the SA & non-SA programs in Utah. These professional therapists and 12 step programs are an essential part of creating and maintaining lasting and meaningful recovery. Many of these resources can be found at salifeline.org and at ldshopeandrecovery.com. 

Outside of Utah however resources are limited at best with some rural areas totally missing out on meetings and qualified LDS based professional counselors. This shortage of LDS specific help has spawned some creative solutions using technology. One group of professional counselors uses a service called Webex by cisco which works like Skype, yet has HD video conferencing available. They are among the first to use this technology to have face to face meetings with members throughout the U.S. and the world. The have clients as far away as New Zealand and Afghanistan (lds military serviceman). More can be learned about this option by visiting www.ldshopeandrecovery.com 

Another way people from Utah and farther out are connecting is through blogs and Instagram. One example would be on Instagram of a couple under the username “thelightkeepers” that anyone can follow. 

Whether members and their loved ones live in Utah or outside of the state, it is important for them to know that specialized help is available for those struggling with this addiction. Please feel free to share some of these resources with others.

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