Skyping Missionaries for High Tech Tender Moments

In the run up to Mother's Day, I was a bit outspoken about taking care of our wives and mothers. It made for interesting conversation, and added pressure on me - because my EC reads my blog. (Which has helped fine-tune her eye-rolling and head shaking skills.)

I think I did a decent enough job. You doubt? OK, I'll ask. Me: Honey? Did I do OK on Mother's Day? I put myself out on a limb with all my preaching...

EC: Yes, you did great. It was a wonderful day.
Me: Anything else?
EC: You aren't typing my exact words...?
Me: Yes.
EC: Just make it up - you know what I would say.
Me: No. That wouldn't be honest. (exuding self-righteousness)
EC: Fine. It was an especially hard day for me because it was the first without my mom, and you and the kids focused on me so much and took such good care of me that I didn't have much time to think about it.

Tah-dah! Success. But if I dig deep and look at Mother's Day objectively, I know that whatever I did had less impact that one 40 minute chunk of the day.

Yep, we got to Skype with our missionary - and that gave my EC joy.

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