The Magical Border Bedlam

by | Jun. 04, 2011

Travel Tips

One of the most amusing, albeit occasionally frustrating, aspects of travel takes place at border crossings. You never know quite what you will find—opportunities for laughter are always anticipated, as well as an invitation in multi-cultural discovery. When we approach the border, I hold my breath, set my patience meter on high, turn my hope dial up to its highest frequency and wait for what humanity will bring me. I am so rarely disappointed…...

Because of the nature of the tours, border crossings in Central America are often in the back country or out of the way stations. At one crossing we play Red-Light-Green-Light. It brings out the kid in you. Descending from the bus we line up before an ominous looking large black button attached to a traffic light. Really it’s an old traffic light! The yellow has been disconnected. Push the button and see what your destiny brings you. Green—you don’t have to open your luggage. Red—unfortunately means just the opposite. We were proceeding through this checkpoint one dark rainy night. Everyone was tired and the button was delivering an inordinate amount of red lights.

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