The Ultimate Guide to Studio C: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Cast and the Show

Laughter Is Medicine

Did you know? In the original "Crayon Song" sketch idea, all of the crayons were evil. 

The enthusiasm the Studio C cast generates during their performances has helped countless people—especially those going through a difficult trial who need a little bit of cheer and hope. Berg recalls, “We met a terminally ill girl, I think she was 12, who just loved the show. Her family arranged with someone here for them to come and take a tour of the building, and at the end of the tour we got to talk to her and spend some time with her. That was really fun and sweet, but also really hard.” 

He adds, “The biggest thing for me is knowing that what we do here is going to help people who we don’t even get to meet most of the time. But it helps them in their lives and makes things easier, even if it’s just a little bit.” 

While the Studio C cast works tirelessly to use their show to bring light and hope into the lives of their fans, one cast member recently found himself being strengthened and supported by Studio C fans while dealing with a heart-wrenching personal tragedy. 

In late 2015, Jason Gray’s 20-month-old daughter, Alice, unexpectedly suffered a life-threatening brain aneurysm and spent more than a month in the hospital, causing severe anguish and a lot of worry for her parents. 

When Studio C fans heard the news, they generously jumped forward to help pay for medical expenses, with over 1,700 people donating money to a GoFundMe account set up by other members of the cast. While staying at the hospital, Gray recalls that parents would recognize him and tell him that Studio C gave them and their children a much-needed break from their pain and worries. “It was cool to see [the effect of the show] firsthand,” he says. “It made me appreciate it more because we were trying to find our own thing to help us make it through the hospital as well.” 

Studio C: A Vision for the Future

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“So, how many seasons do you guys think we’ll be doing? Like maybe 8 or 10 or something?” starts out the first episode of Season 6, where Gray plays the part of a time traveler sharing the future of Studio C with the cast. If their hilarious projections prove true, we may see three seasons of “Beauty and the Bisque,” with a solo cast of Perry, or the awkward wedding of Ann Withers (Call) to R.L. Stine (Meese). We may even see a decrepit Shoulder Angel struggle up onto a cane using Gray decades from now. But no matter how or when the show ends, one thing is certain—the team feels blessed to be able to make a difference in the world with a job they love. After all, Berg says, “It’s as fun as it looks.” 

Catch more hours of laughter with Season 7 of Studio C, premiering on BYUtv this fall.

Lead image by Jed Wells, all other images courtesy of Studio C and BYUtv.

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