Weekend Craft: Flourish Vinyl Frame

by | Jan. 22, 2011


Ever notice how designer frames cost so much? You say to yourself, “I could do that," but you never do. Procrastinate no more, because you can make one of these frames with almost no effort at all! Use a ready-made frame (ours came from Rod Works) or one that you paint yourself, and you’ll have a designer frame in no time. 

Supplies Needed
  • Die Cutting Machine: Any Cricut machine
  • Oh My Crafts Vinyl: Color of your choice and transfer tape
  • Cricut Cartridges: Cindy Loo and Home Décor
(Use coupon code LDS10 to get 10% off supplies needed at ohmycrafts.com.)


   1. Cut 2 flourishes as seen in cutting found in the photo gallery of this article.
   2. With a craft knife, lightly cut a box around the flourish and then weed out the excess vinyl, leaving the design in the center. Remember to pick out the centers of the flourish.
   3. Trim a piece of transfer tape the size of each flourish. Remove liner and place adhesive down on top of one flourish and burnish firmly. Carefully lift up tape and peel back from liner. The vinyl should be attached to the transfer tape. Next, position on frame, making certain that the design is straight and burnish is in place.
   4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for second flourish.
   5. Cut fleur-de-lis according to chart.
   6. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
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