Weekend Craft: Nesting Place Cards

by | Apr. 15, 2011


Place cards are fun way of decorating your table for that most special meal with family and friends. These cute, little nests are filled with tiny eggs and grass that are handmade. 

Supplies Needed:
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   1. With steady pressure, gently squeeze a small amount of the pearl onto the misting mat, shaping into an egg as you go. Keep the tip at an angle while piping out the egg.
   2. Dry at least 2 hours before trying to remove.
   3. With a crafting spatula, gently lift from mat when dry.

   1. Cut grass from petite prints with fringe scissors. Crumple strands up tightly and shake loose.
   2. Divide equal amounts of grass for each nest. Press into bottom of nest.

Name Card:
   1. Die cut a Spellbinders nesting oval die and then emboss (follow directions with die for the kind of die cutting tool you have).
   2. After embossing, write name across tag using the brown journaling pen with a chisel tip.
   3. Unbend a small paper clip halfway and tape to back of tag; insert bottom of clip into grass.

 Make sure eggs are completely dry before removing from mat. Pipe small dots around border of tag with pearl pens for more decoration.
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