Wife of Alex Boye Shares Trials, Triumphs of Boye's Viral 'Let it Go' Cover

I’d never seen anything like it: Ten 5-year-old kids belting at the top of their lungs, “The cold never bothered me anyway!” and “Let the storm rage on!” — in a dance class, of all things. It may as well have been a kindergarten chorus performance.

I gave up on forcing the pirouettes and passes and let them have at it. I watched my 4-year-old, Adanna, delve into another world and express herself more intensely and vivaciously than in any argument she'd had with her 2-year-old brother. I watched the children mimic Elsa’s magical hand movements when she creates her ice castle and wondered what kind of magical worlds their own little minds were creating. They were inspired.

I couldn’t wait to see my husband, singer Alex Boye, watch his little mini-me sing at the top of her lungs and frolic around the house with what he called “wreckless abandonment.”

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