Young Men Lesson 23: Pray for Guidance

by | Jun. 01, 2012

Young Men

Discussion Questions
• What can you do to invite the promptings of the Holy Ghost? (see Alma 17:2–3).
• How can we tell the difference between our own thoughts and the promptings of the Holy Ghost?

Excerpt from "Forgiveness," by President Gordon B. Hinckley, October 2005 General Conference:

The gift of the Holy Ghost operates equally with men, women, and even little children. It is within this wondrous gift and power that the spiritual remedy to any problem can be found.

“And now, he imparteth his word by angels unto men, yea, not only men but women also. Now this is not all; little children do have words given unto them many times, which confound the wise and the learned” (Alma 32:23).

The Lord has many ways of pouring knowledge into our minds to prompt us, to guide us, to teach us, to correct us, to warn us. The Lord said, “I will tell you in your mind and in your heart, by the Holy Ghost, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart” (D&C 8:2).

And Enos recorded, “While I was thus struggling in the spirit, behold, the voice of the Lord came into my mind again” (Enos 1:10).

You can know the things you need to know. Pray that you will learn to receive that inspiration and remain worthy to receive it. Keep that channel—your mind—clean and free from the clutter of the world.

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