Mary Magdalene: An Example of Modern Discipleship with Janiece Johnson

Tue Mar 26 05:00:51 EDT 2024

At Magnify, our mission during this special week before Easter is to help us all feel a little holier by focusing on strengthening our relationship with Jesus Christ. As women, we can be powerful forces for good in witnessing the Savior in our every day lives. We can look to the example of the first witness who was a woman, Mary Magdalene.

Today’s guest is Janiece Johnson. She is a research professor of religion and a production manager at Deseret Book. She has studied out the life of Mary Magdalene. Janiece wrote, “Understanding [Mary’s] name begins to helps us see her power and her central role. She is a tower of strength--the Tower-ess or the Magnified one. Women [of the time] were not just on the margins, but central to the gospel and the ministry of Jesus. [Mary] becomes the first witness of the risen Lord and an example of power and strength to all of us who want to be disciples.”

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