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Prioritize, Choose, and Neglect with Dr. Julie Valentine

Tue Nov 22 05:00:01 EST 2022

Sometimes it can be hard to know how we can use our time and energy for good in the world, but Heavenly Father has given us the choice in how we can bless others around us. As we consider all our to-do lists and wanting to put our energy into every good thing around us, we must choose where to put our efforts and even consciously choose to neglect things we can let go of. In this episode, we are giving ourselves permission to restructure the to-do lists and find what will guide us to blessings ourselves and others around us.

We can do it all, we just can't do it all at once.
Dr. Julie Valentine

About Dr. Julie Valentine

This conversation was inspired by Dr. Julie Valentine's speech at a BYU Devotional in 2021. Julie chooses to bless the lives of those around her by working as an Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Research in BYU's College of Nursing. She focuses her research on forensic nursing and sexual assault victims.

Dr. Julie Valentine's BYU Devotional, November 2021

Top takeaways from this episode!

  1. We need to consider the stage of our lives when we are considering how we can "do it all" as women. Sometimes it's okay to ignore parts of your life and focus on what is best for you in your season.
  2. Work with your loved ones to determine what is the best use of your time and energy right now.
  3. Take time to get to know yourself and be in tune with your needs, including time to recharge.
  4. Trust that the Lord is with us and will inspire us in our pursuits to bless others around us.
  5. God sees the good we are doing.

Small & simple challenge:

Start a selected neglect list. Write down what you will consciously neglect and work with your family to discuss about things that are great to focus on, but will be safe to put on the back burner until you can come back for them later.