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Recognizing Stillness in Gospel Living

by LDS Living Staff | January 3, 2020 | Makes You Think

Sometimes as Latter-day Saints and human beings, we have so much to do  that we forget to take time to...


Top 7 LDS Living Videos of 2019

by LDS Living Staff | December 26, 2019

We've been busy this year sharing uplifting stories and messages through video! Here are our most popular v...


Watch: 3 Insights into Perfection That Will Transform How You View Yourself and Your Relationship to Christ

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

In a recent  LDS Living " 5-Minute Fireside," Michelle Wilson tackled the topic of toxic perfectionism...


Youth Theme Insight: The Words That Helped Me Understand My Identity

by Michelle Wilson | Makes You Think Lesson Helps

Over the next several months, we will be sharing insights from authors Michelle Wilson and Dennis Gaunt on ...


The Bizarre Things Primary Kids Say + the Lesson It Taught Me About My Heavenly Father

by Michelle Wilson, excerpted from "Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat?" | Humor Fun Makes You Think Mormon Life

A few years ago I was called to teach the CTR5 Primary class. At the beginning of class every Sunday I woul...


What a One-Year-Old's Tragic Accident Taught Me About My Own Spiritual Healing

by Michelle Wilson | Makes You Think

When my friend's daughter burned her hands on a gas fireplace, her story of physical healing turned out to ...


A Powerful Lesson on Ministering from Mary, Martha, and Jesus

by Michelle Wilson | Makes You Think

As Sister Eubank so beautifully and succinctly stated in October 2017, ministering to our sisters is about ...


What My Relief Society Learned About Ministering Long Before the Program

by Michelle Wilson | Makes You Think

As a newly called Relief Society president, I felt the weight of the needs of the sisters in my ward. I pra...


How to Choose Between Good and Good—And Be Confident in Your Choice

by Michelle Wilson | Makes You Think

When I was 17, I found my first job at an ice cream parlor, and I loved it. The employees got to eat as muc...


Heavenly Father Doesn't Expect You to Be the Perfect Mom + How You Can Create Moments of Perfection with Your Kids

by Michelle Wilson | Makes You Think

A mother truly is a many splendored thing. She is a nurse, counselor, cook, maid, chauffeur, comedian, magi...