10 Ways to Incorporate Music into Your Next Sunday Lesson

MR says: What fun and creative ideas! Who doesn't love a little more music on the Sabbath?

And for a little more artistic inspiration, check out these 43 poems perfect for your next talk or lesson.

Music can be such a powerful tool when teaching. It can bring in the Spirit on a whole new level as well as cement an idea in everyone's head. What are some ways you have used music in your lessons? 


Give a topic, ask a couple of questions, or bear your testimony then play some music (see LDS.org's music library here). Have people write their thoughts or if in primary, draw a picture as the music plays. Ask some to share when the music is done.


Find some pictures from the LDS Images Gallery and put them into a slideshow set to music. You can download music from LDS.org.

Lead image from Chicken Scratch.
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