9 Famous Author Quotes About Mormons

Famous Authors on Mormons

The world is taking notice of the LDS Church, and this is especially evident in mainstream literature. Often inaccurate but sometimes flattering, you'd be surprised by how many famous authors are writing about "the Mormons"!

Disclaimer: We are in no way endorsing books that contain inappropriate content. 

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens“It is surprising to me that these people [the Mormons emigrating from Liverpool] are all so cheery, and make so little of the immense distance before them. . . . I should have said they were in their degree, the pick and flower of England.”

(The Uncommercial Traveller, London: Chapman and Hall (1958), p. 223-25)

From Richard J. Dunn's "Dickens and the Mormons"

In “Bound for the Great Salt Lake,” The Uncommercial Traveller essay for July 4, 1863, Charles Dickens admitted that “to the rout and overthrow of all [his] expectations” Mormon emigrants merited praise instead of the censure he had been prepared to give them.

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