9 Famous Author Quotes About Mormons

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

“[Mormonism’s] invisibility, and the mystery which was attached to it, made this organization doubly terrible. It appeared to be omniscient and omnipotent, and yet was neither seen nor heard. The man who held out against the Church vanished away, and none knew whither he had gone or what had befallen him. His wife and his children awaited him at home, but no father ever returned to tell them how he had fared at the hands of the secret judges. A rash word or a hasty act was followed by annihilation, and yet none knew what the nature might be of this terrible power which was suspended over them. No wonder that men went about in fear and trembling, and that even in the heart of the wilderness they dared not whisper the doubts which oppressed them.”

(A Study in Scarlet, England: Harper & Brothers (1904), p. 100)

NOTE: In May 1923, Conan Doyle visited Utah and spoke in the Salt Lake Tabernacle, where he was well received. Levi Edgar Young, a general authority at the time, said that Conan Doyle apologized for his inaccuracies in A Study in Scarlet and said that he “had been misled by writings of the time about the church.” Jean Conan Doyle, his daughter, said, “You know Father would be the first to admit that his first Sherlock Holmes novel was full of errors about the Mormons.” After his visit to Salt Lake, Conan Doyle said, “I have great respect for the Mormons, who treated me very liberally in allowing me to use their hall [. . .] We are profoundly grateful for the tolerance and cordiality with which we have been received.”

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