9 Famous Author Quotes About Mormons

Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz

“Mormons, Mormons were everywhere . . . and all of them too efficient and by-the-book either to flub their investigation or to let this whole mess be covered over with a wink and a slap on the back . . . asking their oh-so-polite questions . . . and Roy could never be sure that they were buying any part of his cover story or that they were convinced by his impeccable credentials . . . 

He was certain that not all the cops were Mormons. . . . But the non-Mormons were indistinguishable from the Mormons because they’d adopted Mormon ways, manners and mannerisms. . . . One of the officers was a black man named Hargrave, and Roy was positive that he’d found at least one cop to whom the teachings of Brigham Young meant no more than those of . . . the Hindu Mother-Goddess, but Hargrave proved to be perhaps the most Mormon of all Mormons who had ever walked the Mormon way. Hargrave had a wallet full of pictures of his wife and nine children, including two sons who were currently on religious missions in squalid corners of Brazil and Tonga.”

(Dark Rivers of the Heart, New York: Bantam Dell (1994), p. 394-5)

Photo: Centipede Press
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