An Instagram Look at What It Was Like to Be a Latter-day Saint at Seattle's Safeco Field on Saturday

by | Sep. 17, 2018

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Over 49,000 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came to the Seattle Mariners' Safeco Field on Saturday. It wasn’t “Mormon Night” for the Mariners and the Church members didn’t come to watch baseball at all. It was the largest “non-sporting event in the history of Safeco Field,” and the second largest event the venue has ever hosted, according to the Deseret News

So why did thousands file into the stands, braving a rainy, cold evening? They came to #FollowTheProphet and while many of us dream of someday having a similar opportunity at a nearby ballpark, a quick review of posts with the event’s hashtag provides an idea of what it was like to be a Latter-day Saint in Seattle on Saturday. 

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The fun started early in the day as Church members began to flood the city. 

They arrived at the field having taken many different forms of transportation. 

They came by car... 


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By train...

Our pic made the jumbo Tran! 😂 #imalatterdaysaint #followtheprophet

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And by ferry. 

On our way to Safeco Field to hear President Nelson. #followtheprophet

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On the way via ferry to @safecofield to see and hear a living Prophet. Love all prophets of the Lord. Miss my two oldest @jtpugmire @aspugmire #russelmnelson #followtheprophet

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The ballpark awaited them. 

Excited to be ushering for President Russel M. Nelson's visit to Seattle! #followtheprophet

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The line to enter began to form at Noon, which means some people waited six hours to hear from the prophet. 


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The prophet is here and so are we. We readaaayyy #FollowTheProphet #Aiga♥️

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Tino is waiting in line for Devotional with President Russell M Nelson and President Henry B Eyring. #followtheprophet

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Latter-day Saint youth between the ages of 16 and 18 got the best seats in the house, as 2,200 Laurels and Priests sat on Safeco Field. 

Young adults volunteered to usher in the crowd. 

And with their help, the Saints found their way to their seats. 

They were invited to post pictures with the hashtag on social media and many expressed their excitement to hear from the Lord’s servants.

Excited to #FollowTheProphet

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He once said he wanted General Conference for his birthday. He is thrilled to #followtheprophet at Safeco today. =D

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The Ocañas are ready! #followtheprophet 💛

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Excited to hear the prophet speak! #FollowTheProphet

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At the Safeco-nacle #followtheprophet

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They embraced the opportunity to welcome President Nelson to their state. 

Welcome to Seattle President Nelson #followtheprophet

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Some entertained themselves in other ways while they waited to hear a prophet's voice. 

#followtheprophet Playing Fortnite and waiting for the prophet to speak

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Look at all those cousins!! #Eternalfamilies #followtheprophet

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Gang #followtheprophet Insta is @Cade__anderson Front row hmu laurels

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Finally, seats were taken and it was time for the main event.

President Nelson was joined by his wife Wendy, and his second counselor, President Henry B. Eyring. 

They are so cute! #followtheProphet #Hewavedrightatme

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What an amazing experience. #followtheprophet

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Several quotes from President Nelson's address made their way to Instagram.

“We are happiest when we are thinking about somebody other than ourselves.” -President Russell M Nelson #followtheprophet #lds #latterdaysaints

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And when it was over, there were memories that would never be forgotten…

What a day to remember. #followtheprophet

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What a treat today was! 49,000+ (over capacity) Latter-day saints gathered at Safeco Field to witness a Prophet of God speak🙏🏼 No matter your religious beliefs, I'm sure his message would've resonated with you as well. It was one of Love, of the Savior and of doing Good, espcially in the midst of adversity! We are all on the this white water rafting trip called Life together! The Raft is the the only thing that will be sure to get us to our destination safely! It would do us all some good to hold on real tight! Though I am not perfect in my rafting skills, I intend to hold on for as long as I can! 😊😇🙏🏼❤ . . . #followtheprophet #gospelofchristisourRaft #lds #iammormon #madehistory #mormonnight #safecofield #presidentrussellmnelson #sisternelson #presidenthenrybeyring #ldsdevotional

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This weekend was a tender mercy and a testimony builder. Lemme explain why: Elisa and I planned a weekend trip to Washington and bought the tickets months ago. Fast forward to last week where we were both in school and so many things had piled up leaving us both prettyyy stressed out and unsure about our weekend getaway. But once you buy tickets, you can’t go back, ya feel? So we were like “Well, we’re doing this. Let’s go.” LITTLE DID WE KNOW IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEEDED. and even LITTLER did we know that we’d be here the exact weekend that our dear prophet would be visiting the SAFECO stadium in Washington right where we were at. Long story short: God KNOWS YOU individually. He CARES about you. He knew that this trip, in so many ways, was exactly what I needed- to disconnect, to feel peace and to re-center my life with Christ and all the right priorities. So grateful for Him and His gospel 💛 #FollowTheProphet #Seattle #Washington #safecofield #mariners

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Including the traffic.

Exodus: chapter 41 #followtheprophet

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Post Prophet gridlock #followtheprophet #safecofield

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But it was totally worth it.

Lead image by Kristen Murphy, Deseret News

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