Latter-day Saint Finalists on "World of Dance": "We Definitely Could Not Have Made It This Far Without Christ"

Eighteen-year-old Charity Anderson and Andres Peñate have won the hearts of viewers all over the country during their stint on World of Dance. After making history with the first perfect score on the show earlier this season and then winning the junior division of World of Dance last week despite Anderson breaking her toe, the duo went on to compete in the show's finale for the $1 million prize. With a combined average score of 94.3, the pair took third while The Lab won the coveted grand prize.

In a recent interview with the Deseret News, Anderson and Peñate explained how their faith as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helped them on the show:

Anderson replied:

"Every time we went out on the floor, every time we were choreographing, I felt I was constantly praying. Before we go out on the floor each time, we pray that we can inspire and fill people with a good spirit and help them understand how we feel about this God-given talent that we’ve been given. . . . When I broke my toe, I especially had to rely on my faith to help me through it because I knew I couldn't do it without Christ. I did get a father’s blessing and I know that that helped me. I don’t think that we could’ve done as well as we did if I didn't rely on Christ. . . . Even after our performances, we would always make sure to have a prayer of gratitude because everything that we’ve been given is given from Christ and everything is his and everything is evidence of him. I don’t think we can take any credit for anything."

Peñate added:

"Without a doubt, I feel like we definitely could not have made it this far without Christ at all. I really think that he’s the one who pushed us where we needed to be so that we could get this far in the competition."

Lead image from Justin Lubin/NBC, retrieved via Deseret News
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