Our Top 10 Favorite LDS Living Videos from 2018

It's almost time to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to a new year. And what better time to reflect on the stories that brought us hope, made us laugh, and showed us the power of the gospel?

At LDS Living, we've compiled 10 of our absolute favorite videos we shared with you in 2018. Whether they made us laugh, made us cry, or taught us something new about the love God has for all of us, these videos made an impact on our lives, and maybe they did the same to yours.

So without further ado, here are our top 10 favorite videos from 2018. 

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1. The Miracle That Led This Latter-day Saint Couple to Adopt 6 Foster Siblings

Ashley and Alo Moli were newlyweds when they found out their dream of having a big family might not come true. After prayerfully considering foster care, the couple was surprised when they were asked if they could foster not one, not two, but six siblings. What happened next changed their lives forever. 

2. Hearing of the Priesthood Revelation: "I Have Trusted in My God"

When Isaac Thomas first heard the priesthood ban had been lifted, he thought it was a joke. As a black member who had been an active participant in the Civil Rights movement, he wasn't sure he would live to see the day when he would hold the priesthood. And after the shock of the announcement wore off, Isaac shares the sweet experience he had on that historic day. 

3. Carol Decker: Choosing a Life of Healing After Life-Shattering Amputations and Blindness

The last time Carol Decker saw her husband was when she was being wheeled into the ER for an emergency C-section. Sepsis had raged a life-threatening attack on Carol and her unborn baby. Though both survived, the effects of the illness changed Carol's life forever. Here's how she found her faith and the will to continue her life, unshattered.

4. Watch Mormons Answer the Most Searched Questions About Their Religion

(Editor's Note: This video was created before President Nelson's announcement and contains the word "Mormon.")

"Do Latter-day Saints believe in dinosaurs?"

You would be surprised at some of the most-Googled questions about Latter-day Saints beliefs are. We definitely were. But while some of the questions were a little bizarre, others were very thought-provoking. Watch as Latter-day Saints answers some of the most-Googled questions about their religion. 

5. How an Unusual Temple Prompting Led a 26-Year-Old Youth Leader to Adopt one of Her Young Women

Dorothy's mother, Rene, was living in California and involved with a biker gang when she was first taught the gospel. Determined to leave that environment behind, Rene fled with Dorothy to Texas. 

But elements of Rene's past life were difficult to leave behind, and Dorothy's mother faced the real possibility of going to jail. Turning to Naomi and Kurt, a couple who were in their 20s at the time and were Dorthy's youth leaders at church, Rene asked if they could become her teenage daughter's legal guardians. It was a decision that would change their lives forever. 

6. Tim Ballard: The Scripture That Saved My Life From Human Traffickers

As the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that saves children from human trafficking, Tim Ballard isn't a stranger to dangerous situations. But one trip to a remote village ran by human traffickers almost proved deadly to Tim and his team. Until he picked up a Book of Mormon. 

7. Mormon Converts Answer the Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask

(Editor's note: This video was created before President Nelson's announcement and contains the word "Mormon.")

We're all converts. Every day we all strive to live the teachings of Jesus Christ—some are just newer to the gospel than others. And we wanted to know the answers to questions like what they thought was strange about Latter-day Saint culture at first. What we found were very insightful and meaningful answers to what it means to be truly converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

8. Magnify Your Colin: Church Ball

In this video, British "reporter" and Latter-day Saint Colin Riveria goes undercover to discover "the truth" about Church basketball. Is it as intense as everyone says it is? Find out as LDS Living investigates what really happens during Church basketball. 

9. Calee Reed on Knowing and Understanding God's Timing

All of the "rules" Calee Reed had about remarrying were broken when she met John. She didn't think it was wise to date quickly, and when she heard stories like hers and her new husband's, she used to think those people were crazy. But as she trusted in God's timing and listened for His voice, she found herself living a life she never imagined. 

10. Latter-day Saint Millennial and Baby Boomer Have 10 Minutes To Find Common Ground

We all know Baby Boomers and Millennials and different, so is there anything they have in common? We asked our friends Richard and Daniel, a Baby Boomer and Millennial, to see if they could find any interests they both share in 10 minutes. And while they may not share the same generation, we found that they shared many of the things that mattered most. 

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