Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Miracles of Jesus?

Quiz: The Miracles of Jesus

Previous answer: D, 6. The Capernaum demonic, the Gadrene demonic, the mute demonic, the blind and mute demonic, the daughter of the Syrophoenician woman, and the demonic or epileptic boy.

The Miracles of Jesus by Eric D. Huntsman

Learn more about Jesus’ miracles in The Miracles of Jesus by Eric D. Huntsman:

The miracles of Jesus are powerful witnesses that Jesus is the Christ, God's anointed servant and the Savior of mankind. He performed many miracles ranging from feeding multitudes to giving sight to the blind and restoring life and health to the infirm.

But these miracles were more than just blessings to the individuals involved. Each one contains symbols that teach us about Jesus, his atonement, and the greater miracles that he can work in the lives of all of us.

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