The ultimate Christmas playlist—3 hours of music perfect for your ward or family parties

A woman listening to music on Christmas.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve already been listening to Christmas music for the last month. Whether you believe the Thanksgiving turkey needs to be served before the silver bells can start to ring-a-ling or if you are more of a jingle-bell-rock-in-July person, we have some fresh carols to add to your favorites. Classic hymns with a fresh beat, new, original songs, and even the Light the World theme are all waiting for you on the Deseret Book Official Christmas Playlist. And with over three hours of music, this playlist will help keep the Christmas spirit bright.

A personal favorite on this playlist for me is The Sounding Joy by Truman Brothers. This duo has already taken the stage this season with their ode to Thanksgiving, “Thank You.” Their never-ending enthusiasm is contagious in this new Christmas album that features their signature Christian rock/pop vibes.

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“Every artist has to find their own version of Christmas. And I was really pleased by how our album turned out—a sincere celebration of the Savior’s birth and the joy that it brings,” says Chad. One unique song within the album is “God Blessed Us, Everyone.” It spins Tiny Tim’s famous quote to show that all of us have already been blessed by Christ’s miraculous birth and life. Despite trials and challenges, we are all extended the gift of grace by Christ this season.

“We wanted to keep this album focused on the Savior and do it in a way that would put a pep in your step,” says Ben. “I pray every single day that my wife and I will find the right things to put into our kids’ heads, ears, and eyes to help them find a sincere belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ. And so that’s why we find it fulfilling to be making music like this at this point in our life; it’s so representative of the things we are trying to teach our own families at home.”

The resounding music of the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra in harmony with the Bells at Temple Square and the Gabriel Trumpet Ensemble is breathtaking in their new album Season of Light. The songs take you through stories of Bethlehem, of heroism during wartime, of sleigh rides and caroling, of the challenges of new motherhood, and of faith in a Savior who would redeem the whole world.

If you’d prefer some Christmas tunes you can put in the background and have playing on repeat, then you need to check out the instrumental music of Guitar and Piano Christmas Wonder. The piano and guitar complement each other to add a level of complexity to the more traditional Christmas carols.

Light the World has joined the realm of classic carols with its own theme song from the Nashville Tribute Band. The sweet sentiment of this song matches its title, since “We Can All Light the World.”

Even Adassa, best known for being the voice of Dolores in the Disney movie Encanto, has joined the Christmas music scene with her new single, “Carol of the Christ.” She has said she is “glad to share the Christmas spirit remembering the sacrifice and wonderful redemption we get to experience through Christ if we only believe!” With this colorful variety of songs and musical styles this playlist is sure to be a hit at your next Christmas party, or wherever you choose to listen to it.

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