The Top 10 Superstars Mormons Most Want to See Perform with the Tabernacle Choir

Sting, Angela Lansbury, James Taylor, Natalie Cole, John Denver, Yo-Yo Ma, Gladys Knight, David Archuleta. There's no doubt the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has performed with quite a few celebrities and world-renowned musicians.

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But who would Mormons like to see added to that list? 

We asked our readers on Facebook, then created a poll from the popular results and choices, receiving over 2,000 votes. Here are the top 10 superstars Mormons would like to see performing with our world-famous choir:

1. Josh Groban (22 percent)

2. Andrea Bocelli (8 percent)

3. Michael Bublé (7 percent)

4. Céline Dion (6 percent)

5. The Piano Guys (6 percent)

6. The Osmonds (6 percent)

7. Adele (5 percent)

8. Carrie Underwood (5 percent)

9. Julie Andrews (5 percent)

10. Paul McCartney (3 percent)

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To hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing with Sting, Yo-Yo Ma, James Taylor, Amy Grant, Angela Lansbury, and so many other incredible artists all on one CD, check out Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Friends.

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