Why Millennial Mormons Aren't Marrying + 5 Ways to Combat It

MR says: Despite what you might see on your Facebook feed, the marriage rate is declining. Find out why and maybe learn some ways you can change this growing trend.

I recently had the opportunity to attend an LDS Influencers Conference. Designed to help members of the Church with influence on the online community, numerous topics are discussed, from statistical data on recent Church campaigns to how we can better share goodness through social media.

Out of everything that was shared, one statistic about marriage left a lasting impression.

“Millennials are playing it safe,” the presenter said. According to the information they had gathered through surveys, millennials weren’t necessarily eschewing conventional marriage because it was old-fashioned or they were more focused on careers and money. Quite the contrary. Many millennials listed marriage as an important priority and goal. The problem? They’re scared.

We’re scared.

But it’s not just the typical “afraid of commitment” argument. Millennials commit to plenty, from a tough job market to decades of student debt. We’re willing to commit. We just don’t want to commit to the wrong thing.

Lead image from LDS Daily.
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