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Student Flash Mob at BYU Basketball Game

March 05, 2011
source: YouTube

Not to be missed. The whole student section participates in a massive, choreographed dance.

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11:17 AM
on Mar 07, 2011

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I love it when Schools have a fun clean time. Way to go. My Alma Mater Utah State does a samoan chant during the games plus do a Scotsman jig- awesome ones for both schools!! SDSU no class mocking missionaries.

aoff13 said...

08:39 AM
on Mar 09, 2011

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Just to give credit where credit is due... The chosen tune is "Forever" by Chris Brown.

momofbron said...

11:39 AM
on Mar 23, 2011

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catv - Being of Scottish decent on both sides of the family - we do flings. Irish do jigs. Fun for all anyways.
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