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Remembering 9/11

Jamie Lawson - September 11, 2011

Never the Same

“For me, priorities changed almost overnight,” Victor Guzman says. “I took the job at the World Trade Center for more money, but I was commuting nearly four hours a day. Now my family is my priority. Money is tight, and I have a wife and five children at home, but the sacrifices have been worth it.”

Guzman also goes out of his way to pay compliments to people rather than complain. “People deserve to feel better about their day,” he says. “When you make someone feel good, then you feel good.”

“I think about 9/11 often,” says Parry. “It’s had a huge impact on my life. It’s inspired me to be a different person, to view life in a deeper, more profound way.”

One way Parry has chosen to reach out to others is through a program he created called Promethean Spark. His mission is to teach life skills to impoverished youth worldwide through training in the performing arts. (Visit for more information.)

“I hope that people recognize that life is sacred, that we live in a very delicate world in a very tumultuous time that has been prophesied of—and that’s okay,” says David Buckner. “We don’t need to be afraid. Be committed. Be confident. Be ready.”


Tribute in Light Memorial, one of the first memorials for the attacks, set up for the anniversary in 2004.


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maryp said...

03:07 PM
on Sep 06, 2011

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None of us will ever forget that fateful day. Thank goodness for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation. It takes the sting out of death. Mary Alice Wahlstrom lived in our ward and she will always be missed.

thetruthe said...

03:48 PM
on Sep 07, 2011

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Shame on you Jamie Lawson for pestering families until you get a story. If someone refuses an interview, going to his fame seeking and over zealous wife who craves attention just isn't right.

opr said...

04:45 PM
on Sep 08, 2011

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For some interesting perspective from a very great many architects and engineers from around the country, one may copy/paste the following link:

ldsliving said...

10:21 AM
on Sep 15, 2011

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Rest assured that everyone approached for this article was more than happy to cooperate and felt it was important to share their stories. No one was "pestered," and interviews were conducted as delicately as possible. Both Norm and Margaret Wahlstrom were willingly interviewed. It just turned out that the quote from Margaret fit better with the overall structure and theme of the article.

kireos said...

12:47 PM
on Sep 11, 2012

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@thetruthe - Shame on you for focusing more on how this article came to be instead of letting the article remind you of those who lost thier lives and those who are still fighting for our country because of the acts done on 9/11. Try to remember that some things are more important than spilling hate in the comments below.
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