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It's time to move past 'the Mormon moment,' LDS official says

March 16, 2012
source: Washington Post

Photo from Washington Post.

MR says: Is it really a "moment" if it's lasted more than ten years?

History has not recorded the name of the journalist who created the phrase, “the Mormon moment.”

The originator may have been a headline writer for U.S. News and World Report who, back in November of 2000, used “Mormon Moment” as the label for a story triggered by a new Mormon temple in Houston. The church’s growth, according to the story’s author, reporter Jeff Sheler, was “a tangible sign of the rising fortunes of this uniquely American religious movement …the Salt Lake City-based church is finding a home in the least likely places, from Houston to Helsinki, and from Tampa to Tokyo.”

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catherineheiby said...

09:09 AM
on Mar 19, 2012

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i've lived places where i am have been both shunned and accepted as a member of my LDS community. when shunning happens it is real and painful, whether or not others think it is warranted. i think for any reason it is unwarranted because all of us are flawed and all of us fall short of perfection. it was especially painful for me when i lived in UT many years ago. i always thought i was shunned at gatherings because i was considered an outsider, from the so called "mission-field" and not of pioneer stock but even if this was incorrect, it still hurt very badly. i now live in the midwest and for the most part i am accepted but there are still groups that gather and defy my beliefs: handing out gifts and goodies at church to only their friends; only speaking to those who are in their group; bearing testimonies and stating, "...this is a great ward because everyone is young and going to the university..." which is not at all true because about half of the ward are older and most are not going to school; and those who exclude those they dont understand---language, disability, mobility, etc. i am sure there are others. i try to focus on the positive and keep pressing forward reminding myself often that we are not all on the same level of progression and at the same time reminding myself that i am not on the top rung myself that judgement is for the Savior, trying to keep my comments to myself
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