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{Lifestyle} Ultimate Guide: Modest Swimsuits 2012

Kate Ensign-Lewis - May 03, 2012

Swimsuit season: there's no need to dread it anymore because cute and modest swimsuits not only exist – they seem to be everywhere! Check out this season's offerings.

Only two years ago I felt stymied in my attempts to find a modest swimsuit for a family cruise – they all looked like they were meant for someone 40 years my senior or someone who really wanted to live in the 90s. I stumbled upon one of the few beautiful and modest pieces out there just in time.

But now, it seems fashionable, feminine suits are everywhere! Polka dots continue to be popular, but there are also a few cute plaids out there this year. I bet you'll find something you'll like here.

Note: One person's idea of "modest" might not exactly square with someone else's, but these are swimsuits I think might generally be considered modest.


Photo from Downeast Basics

Retro Revival Suit, $49.99


Photo from Old Navy

Women's Twist-Front Control Max Swimsuit, $44.94


Photo from Downeast Basics

Silver Screen Suit, $49.99


Photo from ModBe

Islander Top, $50


Photo from Walmart

Catalina Women's Retro Tank Swimsuit, $15


Photo from Lime Ricki

Floral Retro One Piece, $61.99


Photo from Gap

Bandeau one-piece, $59.95


Photo from Lime Ricki

Gingham Retro One Piece, $61.99


Photo from Old Navy

Women's Ruffle Tankini Top, $24.94 (bottoms $19.94)


Photo from Divinita Sole

Flower Ruched Tankini, $99


Photo from Divinita Sole

Square Halter, $99


Photo from Lime Ricki

Pink One-shoulder Tankini, $48.99


Photo from DownEast Basics

Malibu Swim Skirt, $26.99

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catey said...

07:52 AM
on May 03, 2012

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I'm surprised to not see any Hapari suits here! Tons of cute, modest options for tankinis, and a local company to boot.

tsahleen said...

09:19 AM
on May 03, 2012

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maybe because so many people have complained about the quality of the Hapari suits. I would never buy another one.

catherineheiby said...

05:32 PM
on May 03, 2012

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the older i get the more i want to be covered @ all times and also the more i think that what you have shown here in the way of modest bathing suits are so far from modest. personally i prefer a nice loose t-shirt with a shelf bra camisole underneath it and a pair of long supplex shorts with knee-high leggings underneath.

eseftea said...

03:34 PM
on May 04, 2012

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I think modesty is a matter of personal prayer and I usually ask myself if I would be comfortable at Heavenly Father's pool party in whatever I'm wearing. I suppose that might sound silly to some, but he's the one I'm accountable to. I, too, feel that the suits above show a little more than I would be comfortable with and I have felt that way for as long as I can remember. (So don't let modesty make you feel old, ladies - modesty is for everyone). About 10 years ago, I searched in earnest for a suit that I would be more comfortable with. There were lots of shoulder coverups/cute T's on the market, but I wanted more coverage for my thighs. Since then, my absolute favorite place to buy swimwear is at the site. If you go into the separates link you can get a coordinated tank and then match it up with whatever level of modest bottoms you are comfortable with for the bottom - three lengths of swim shorts, skirts with briefs/or look in the cover up tab and get knee, capri or ankle length tights and they have zip up sun shirts. They also have a unitank which is one piece with biker-like shorts bottoms. When I bought it, the back was slightly different and it also came in a crew neck, but it looks like the standard tank neck is the only one they have now... They also have mastectomy suits for those who need them. Probably the best part is that the suits are basically made for people who work in and around pools every day (like water aerobics instructors), so they are chlorine resistant and really made to last. I buy one about every three years (just to mix it up a little - I still have the one I bought 10 years ago and it's still in perfect swim condition - unlike suits my kids have had in which the elastic gives out at the end of the season). So awesome! :)

moss said...

09:56 PM
on May 04, 2012

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These are so adorable. Nice to see I can head to the beach appropriately dressed without looking like I am wearing some sort of frumpy spacesuit. And from Walmart of all places- who knew?

sbaker7 said...

07:07 AM
on May 05, 2012

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Thank you for this!! I will show it to our YW, who struggle with what the world says is cool for a teenage girl to wear swimming! They will be excited!
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