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NY Times: America could learn from Mormons about marriage

June 15, 2012
source: New York Times


MR says: The author says, even though many don't think of Mormons as good authorities on marriage, data on pregnancy and divorce shows the nation could learn something from the Mormon model of marriage and families.

In a Newsweek column making the case that Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith will be a positive influence on his presidency, David Frum includes the following caveat:

Of course voters may also want to weigh some of Mormonism’s more worrisome features. Just as 19th-century Mormons found themselves in profound conflict with the United States over the issue of polygamy, so could the theologically grounded commitment of today’s LDS church to one-man-one-woman marriage place its members on a collision course with the 21st-century American mainstream, which increasingly accepts same-sex marriage.

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kippers22222 said...

07:15 PM
on Jun 17, 2012

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I think me as being a gay Mormon, I know that there are many loving kind gay couples including myself that should be comparably to Mormon marriages...

bridget said...

04:27 PM
on Jun 19, 2012

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People misunderstand the concept of polygamy. It's not that you can or should go out and marry as many spouses as you please, it's that if you're worthy to be married at all, you'll be married for all eternity. Therefore the widow who remarries has just introduced a second husband into the picture. If people would really stop and think, they wouldn't pull an Abraham with Keturah. Still, at least it was a Keturah, not a Kevin.
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