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CNN: Salt Lake Temple 1 of 8 'Religious Wonders' in U.S.

July 10, 2012
source: CNN

Photo from CNN.

MR says: What an honor.

Not everyone who travels to the Salt Lake City Temple is allowed inside the walls, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy its splendor.

Only temple recommended Mormons may step foot inside the structure, which is used for special instruction and ordinances, such as celestial marriages. But the view from outside the temple is inspirational enough.

The Neo-Gothic building, which was dedicated in 1893, took 40 years to construct. Except for some of its hardware and glass, the temple was built completely of native materials. With five floors, six spires -- the tallest standing at 210 feet -- and a granite facade, the structure is definitely imposing.

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macho_mz said...

08:12 AM
on Jul 14, 2012

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This article cracked me up! As a 33 year old single woman, I do relate to many of the comments about the difficulty in dating. Some people have this idea that we "poor singles" are sitting in a dark room night after night crying over our lot in life. While I certainly wish for marriage and family, I believe very strongly that things happen in their appointed time. Church leaders have said that promises of family will not come to some until the next life. As long as I am doing what I should, I will be taken care of in the grand eternal scheme of things. One important point in this article is the difficulty in dating. A had a conversation years ago with some couple missionaries who had an interesting perspective on this. The couple said that part of the wisdom in marrying earlier in life is that we have an easier time merging our life with someone else if we are not yet firmly engrained in our own habits. That is so true! Those of us who are 30+ can get pretty set in our ways because, as this article says, we have spent years being accountable to only ourselves (and the Lord, of course!). I don't mean we are selfish, but how much fun will it be when we have to try to change the way we have been doing things in our homes for the last 10-15 years to accommodate a spouse?
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