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CNN's radical approach to discussing Mormon faith

July 19, 2012
source: Examiner

Photo from Examiner.

MR says: Click on the forwarding link to watch a 3 minute video of the CNN segment.

The CNN show Out Front with Erin Burnett did a radical thing on Wednesday. They had a discussion about Mitt Romney's Mormon faith and they actually invited a real live member of the Mormon Church to the segment to talk about it!

What a revolutionary idea! No pundits, no outside observers, no disaffected Mormons, no academics who have studied the church from a distance for years, but someone who actually knows what they are talking about because they live and practice the faith.

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dottie said...

11:27 AM
on Jul 21, 2012

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This was an excellent interview. I wish they had finished it because I don't watch CNN because of their usually biased opinions. It's good to see that they have decided to treat The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church with respect.
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