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Italy grants Mormon church new status

July 20, 2012
source: Salt Lake Tribune


MR says: The LDS Church has moved from a charity to a church, enabling it to do things like perform marriage ceremonies among other things.

All that remains is the signature of Italy's president, and the LDS Church will be recognized officially as a “partner of the state.”

This week the Italian Senate approved the Utah-based faith's push for an “Intesa con lo Stato,” the culmination of a decades-long effort to successfully establish relations with the Italian government.

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texasmommy said...

06:39 AM
on Jul 21, 2012

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Bethany, I don't think that living in a family ward vs. a midsingles ward is preventing you from meeting other single men around your age... I think the problem is that there is a severe lack of marriage-worthy single men in the church!!! There are quite a few single men on my ward's roster, but the younger ones are video game addicts or pornography addicts, alcoholics, drug abusers (including prescription drugs), or just inactive and have no interest in the gospel for whatever reason... I have a widowed friend in her late 30's, and she says in her multi-stake area, there are literally 10 single women for every 1 single man.

jspencer said...

12:13 PM
on Jul 23, 2012

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Sarah I thought that you would be interested in this. love mom
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