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{Poll} Patriarchal Blessings

Kaela Worthen Gardner - August 09, 2012


Patriarchal blessings are sacred and personal, so it's hard to know when you're ready to receive yours.

Because of the sacred and individual nature of patriarchal blessings, there is no right time to get a patriarchal blessing. Some people say you should get it as early as possible in order to have that guidance in your life for as long as you can. Others encourage waiting in order to develop the proper maturity and understanding of the significance. So we're curious: when did get your patriarchal blessing?

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How old were you when you got your patriarchal blessing?

Looking back, was the right time for you?

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megtaylor said...

08:43 AM
on Aug 09, 2012

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I love the idea of patriarchal blessings and my experience was quite profound, being a fairly new convert at the time. It was humbling and awe-inspiring to know the Lord was truly speaking to ME, and in such a personal way. The beauty of a patriarchal blessing is that it's there when YOU are ready for it, and as such it's a very personal choice in timing. I hope everyone receives theirs when they are ready, and not when others are ready for them to receive it. What a precious tool for the coming (and very formative) years of their lives.

macho_mz said...

09:05 AM
on Aug 09, 2012

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Even though it has been almost 20 years since I received my patriarchal blessing, I still remember how profound the experience was. It was just before my fourteenth birthday- I had a testimony of revelation, but I was still unsure of how specific my blessing would be to me. I had only met my Stake Patriarch a few times, so he didn’t really me. As he spoke with me before the blessing, he told me to think of it not as some sort of fortune or horoscope, but as a book of possibilities for me, possibilities that would only come to pass if I lived worthy of them. As he gave the blessing, I was so moved by how personal it was. There was no question that the blessing came from someone who knew me incredibly well, who knew my strengths and weaknesses as well as my relationship to the Spirit. I love reread it to remind myself of how special the Lord thinks I am and what can be in store for me if I live according to the commandments. It also serves to motivate me when I am not doing as well as I should, to show me what I might miss out on if I don’t make the changes I need to. I recommend it to everyone as soon as they feel ready to receive it.

jew said...

10:19 AM
on Aug 09, 2012

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As a member who is a convert I was over 25 when I received this special blessing. My children however, I advised them that they shouold fast and pray about it and then do as the spirit promted them to do. All but one receive the blessing between 14 and 16. My oldest son is in the process now and he is 17. He was very steadfast int eh fact he would not seek this blessing until he felt ready. As with the others I told him to fast and pray and follow the spirit. He has and now has seen the Bishop and is making the appointment to have his blessing. I really believe it is each persons decision as to when based on fasting and prayer then following the spirit.
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