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Scholar details 'striking' parallels between Book of Mormon and ancient civilization

August 07, 2012
source: Deseret News

Photo from Deseret News.

MR says: The author identifies 420 "correspondences" between the Book of Mormon and what scholars understand regarding Mesoamerican civilizations (geography, culture, etc.).

Since 1955, John L. Sorenson has been exploring the relationship between the Book of Mormon and the anthropology of Mesoamerica (southern Mexico and northern Central America).

Since the publication of his 1985 book, "An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon," he has been regarded as arguably the leading exponent for the theory that the book's narrative took place within a limited geographic setting. This contrasts with the traditional understanding of many LDS Church members over the years that the events described in the book transpired throughout North and South America.

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