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I went to church with Mitt Romney this morning

August 19, 2012
source: BuzzFeed

Photo from Buzzfeed.

MR says: This reporter writes, "As my colleagues surveyed their surroundings, they commented on how unremarkable it all looked. ... What I saw, though, was a slice of Mormon Americana — a buffet of congregational quirks that any Latter-day Saint would recognize."

A little after 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, Mitt Romney got out of a black SUV with his wife, greeted a couple in the parking lot, and walked into a Mormon chapel to take their seats with a small congregation of wealthy vacationers and native New Hampshirites.

And I followed him in.

As a member of Romney's traveling press corps, I've followed the candidate across the country over the past eight months. I'm also a fellow Mormon, and I've written thousands of words along the way about how our shared religion seems to be shaping his candidacy. But until today, I had never actually sat in the same chapel as him, sung the same hymns with him, and said "Amen" to the same prayers as him.

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skhunt said...

07:50 AM
on Aug 20, 2012

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Sounds like Brother Romney had a typical Sabbath service, similar to the ones that I attend each week. Why anyone would see ulterior motives in this is beyond me. Our country is founded on Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Religion.. and Freedom of Speech. Why are these freedoms only important when it agrees to our own particular point of view? Have we become so blinded as a nation that we can't see alternatives? Some of the comments to this article are disturbing to me. Politics puts people in a unique situation and why anyone would want to run for President is beyond me, but even politicians should be allowed to enter the church of their choice to worship in a way that they are accustom without interferrence into their private lives. Public people have private lives too. I feel Mr. Romney is genuine in beliefs and if that makes some people uncomfortable, then exercise your right to freedom of speech and turn the channel or skip the article and read something else.

bobgv said...

11:54 AM
on Aug 20, 2012

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I am in full agreement with "skhunt" and thought it interesting that this reporter seemed to know the financial status of the "wealthy vacationers" that attended the services. Without asking, this is quite a talent to possess. With such forsight, Bro. Coppins may have missed his true calling as a fortune teller or something else equally unuseful.

kennyray said...

07:26 AM
on Aug 25, 2012

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OH, I don't know, maybe Bro. Coppins simply counted the Lexi, BMWs, and Cadillacs? Just another Sunday at church, nothing to see here (for those that aren't looking) move along. IF someone really wants to find out what Mormons believe, they can feel free to visit the nearest chapel near them or visit easy peasy
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