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Video: CNN interviews Elder Ballard, Romney about the Mormon faith

August 22, 2012
source: CNN

MR says: CNN visits Salt Lake City to talk with Elder M. Russell Ballard about what Mormons believe and what it would mean to have a Mormon president.

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gratefulmouse said...

08:58 PM
on Aug 23, 2012

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basically why should anyone worry over what religion romney is...did we even think about baracks religion...I mean he made it into the whitehouse with us full knowing his father is islamic or muslim...and we are fighting mainly against radical extremist muslims...and No the leaders of the mormon church do not dictate to rommey anything considering politics..would you ask that of a catholic..does the pope dictate anything to ryan...or to kennedy...

kennyray said...

07:27 AM
on Aug 25, 2012

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amen, but then some people worry about what they ought not...
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