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'ABC World News' airs special two-part series 'Inside the Mormon Church'

August 24, 2012
source: ABC News

Photo from ABC News.

MR says: This is one of two entirely separate news specials featuring Mormons that aired this weed.

On Wednesday, August 22 and Thursday, August 23 “World News with Diane Sawyer” aired a two-part report “Inside the Mormon Church” from ABC’s Dan Harris.

In introducing the series Diane Sawyer said — “It’s a time of change in America. In the last 12 years alone we have seen the election of the first black President, the first Jewish candidate on a major ticket — Senator Joe Lieberman, and next week, another breakthrough – the first Mormon nominee for President, a profound and historic moment for the Mormon faith, which is a still a mystery to a lot of people. So tonight, Dan Harris begins a two-part series, answering questions about this uniquely American religion.”

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swissmiss said...

06:42 PM
on Aug 25, 2012

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I thought ABC did a much better job representing the LDS faith in 9 minutes than NBC's hour long Rock Center show. ABC actually interviewed church leaders, Elder Ballard & Elder Cook, and other practicing members. Unlike Rock Center that chose to interview quite a few former and current members who don't fully understand the gospel. I also appreciated that ABC was tasteful when speaking about the temple and the temple garment.
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