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Why Mitt Romney decided to start talking about Mormonism again

August 29, 2012
source: BuzzFeed

Photo from Buzzfeed.

MR says: Tuesday night when Ann Romney described her teenage courtship with Mitt by saying, "I was an Episcopalian; he was a Mormon," was the first time all year that anyone in the campaign said the word "Mormon" in public.

Ann Romney Tuesday night became the first member of the Romney campaign this year to use the word "Mormon" in public, marking a new turn in a five-year debate inside Mitt Romney's circle about how to handle his faith.

Since Romney announced his second presidential campaign 15 months ago, his strategy in dealing with questions about his Mormon faith could be boiled down to three steps: duck, dodge, and weave. But in the past two weeks, the candidate and his team of advisers have made a dramatic about-face in their approach to the religion question; allowing reporters to tag along with the family at church, instructing surrogates to cooperate with cable news specials about Mormonism, and devoting valuable primetime chunks of the Republican convention to anecdotes about the candidate's church service — an unexpected series of moves that comprise, as one campaign adviser conceded, "a total 180."

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melamomma said...

08:25 AM
on Aug 30, 2012

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i've been reading about his shenanigans to earn the 'vote' for the RNC and i am definitely NOT voting for romney nor obama. I will be voting for ron paul. I trust someone who will go against the crowd and stand for what he believes in, no matter the opposition. hmm doesn't that sound familiar? maybe romney missed church that day? and i spent a lot of years wishing we could have an LDS president. but.. um. nope. not that one. didn't like his actions as gov. either

rshawtx said...

11:36 AM
on Aug 30, 2012

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Oh, so when Ron Paul supporters like yourself take advantage of a loophole in the GOP rules, that isn't shenanigans? Then your likes refused the compromise and whine and moan when the bigger kids takes their ball and goes and plays somewhere else. So, you'll ruin the playground and say that you're being bullied and call the other 2 kids "all the same" when you're the one who is the loudest kid in the yard. Here's a clue, you're intelligent enough, go look up the meaning of the word "compromise". And don't give me your garbage about "voting your principles"... you're support for Dr. Paul is nothing more than fanaticism and verges on being a cult. Your like prove that you are no better than liberals who will insist on getting their way or the highway. Since your only criteria for a candidate is someone who will go against the crowd, then why not vote for an anarchist?

bridget said...

05:57 PM
on Aug 30, 2012

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If you have examined Romney's voting record on important issues such as abortion, you'll find he's been sitting on the fence — against the Lord, then sort of with Him, but not really. Ron Paul, however, is firmly pro-life. So between Romney and Paul, I'd have to pick the latter. Personally, I can't support Romney until he gets 100% with the Lord, which, sad to say, probably will never happen.

motherof3 said...

08:53 PM
on Aug 30, 2012

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we all have our free agency. what romney believes is between him and our Heavenly Father. YES he needs to say 'pro life'...but how do you know he isn't firmly on the ground with pro life ? i haven't heard him say he isn't. the media will clip/snip/patch together interviews to make us believe this is what a candidate is saying. I do not trust the liberal media when it comes to polls and interviews. ron paul scares me because he is a free love man with NO experience. our country has dealt with Mr Inexperience for 4 years and I personally want him out of office. I support Romney. Not because he is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but because he is the best man for the commander and chief. Clinton played our country like an untuned fiddle and so has obama. we need to listen to what romney has to say. I watched the 'rock solid' show with brian williams. he snipped/clipped many sections together to try to make romney look like a flip flop. the media is biased ! ron paul's views are liberal so NO THANKS.
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