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Back to Seminary - 'Call Me Maybe' Spoof

August 30, 2012
source: YouTube

MR says: Although a little awkward, these seminary teachers did a great job with this cover and are probably so much fun to learn from.

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march75 said...

07:43 AM
on Aug 31, 2012

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Loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jcjabdj said...

09:48 AM
on Aug 31, 2012

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This was great!!!!!!!! My kiddos loved it!!!!!

kathleencf said...

11:39 AM
on Aug 31, 2012

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I'm am proud to say that these great men (and one sister) are my children's seminary teachers. thanks for making it fun! You are doing good works!

lexagraeme said...

05:03 AM
on Sep 01, 2012

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Bravo to these teachers. I laughed so hard as I watched this, and it left a smile on my face for hours afterward. As a Seminary teacher in a predominantly non-Christian country, I will probably show this to my students the first day, awkward dancing notwithstanding.

lauraferrarini said...

07:21 PM
on Sep 02, 2012

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Hola!!! soy de Argentina y doy la clase de Seminario, me encanto el video los felicito!!! me dieron muchas ideas!!!!! gracias!!

quel said...

11:07 AM
on Sep 03, 2012

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Loved it. Made me smile. What fun to have teachers not afraid to enjoy life.
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