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Why 'intense' moms are more depressed

September 02, 2012
source: Motherhood Matters

Photo from Motherhood Matters.

MR says: Are you more of an “intense” mother or a “deliberate” mother? Read this article to see if you've ever experienced depression based on the factors mentioned in this study.

In the June publication of the Journal of Child and Family Studies, a study was published that kicked off another series of articles about how parenting causes depression and unhappiness.

Here we go again.

To be a fair, the study referred to in these articles specifically tags those who practice “intense parenting” to be more prone to depression, not parents in general. Even so, the topic is one to make those of us in this community of “deliberate” mothers a bit uneasy. Is there a difference between being a “deliberate” mother and an “intense” mother, and if so, what is it?

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