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News Roundup: LDS Democrats, Harry Reid gather at DNC to unite LDS values

LDS Living - September 05, 2012
source: LDS Living

Photo from NBC News.

A news roundup of articles on the first-ever national Mormon Democrat meeting.

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gdc said...

02:55 PM
on Sep 06, 2012

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DNC = Pro-abortion, pro-sexual promiscuity, pro-government dependency, pro-gay marriage, and Anti-Christian. JUst what kind of Mormons can find a home with the DNC ?

kpotter said...

04:30 PM
on Sep 06, 2012

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"Mormons" like Harry Reid. A mormon disgrace. The democratic agenda goes against everything that we believe as mormons.

coloradopilot said...

06:08 PM
on Sep 06, 2012

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A third part of the host of heaven were deceived too. Look where they ended up.

johntvalentine said...

09:17 PM
on Sep 06, 2012

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How is it even possible that any democrat could even think of supporting murdering over 4000 unborn babies,(made in the image of God)each and every day? The Gospels teach us that there is opposition in all things. The democrat party is absolutely against, God, the family. I guess this is the opposition the scriptures were talking about. America vote, Romney !!!

lakota said...

08:15 AM
on Sep 07, 2012

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I know a couple of LDS Democrats, but I am puzzled at the way Harry Reid just out and out lied about Mitt Romney and his accomplishments. Even as a convert, I was brought up not to lie about other people. It sadden me to hear him talk the way he did.

heatherplong said...

12:54 AM
on Sep 08, 2012

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I am an LDS democrat and I am very thankful for these unbiased articles that were written. I really appreciate what Pres. Hinckley said about not being a Republican church. I am always really grateful every year how it is read over the pulpit that our church is not affiliated with any party. I am truly thankful for prophets that lead and guide us and receive revelation for our church. Free agency is beautiful.
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