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LDS Church buys ad space in 'Book of Mormon' musical playbill

September 07, 2012
source: Deseret News

Photo from Deseret News.

MR says: This is genius considering broadway goers aren't going to walk away with a real understanding of the Book of Mormon, but are likely to be more curious.

If you're going to see the musical, you should also read the book.

That's the message of a new advertising campaign being launched by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — a campaign one nationally recognized public relations expert praised for being "bold" and "savvy."

The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday that the LDS Church has purchased ads promoting the actual Book of Mormon in the playbill for the Los Angeles production of "The Book of Mormon" musical.

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barbara said...

12:10 PM
on Sep 08, 2012

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The Mormom ad -- very clever.

rhonda said...

01:54 PM
on Sep 09, 2012

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I love that our church chose the high road on this! What a great way to make lemonade from possible lemons!
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